Majorca, strategic point for big events

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Located 710 km from the Spanish Mediterranean coast, is the island of Majorca, main of the Balearic Islands, whose capital Palma, stands as a point of reference for major events given its architectural and cultural wealth, and this is only the beginning. With 3,640 km2 Majorca has a wealth of idyllic and almost surreal sites that offer the perfect setting for events of all kinds, from a company incentive to the most personal and significant events.

White sand beaches, crystal clear waters and incredible landscapes adorn the shores and the interior of the ‘Big Island’. Regardless of the magnitude and characteristics of the event you want, Majorca offers countless places and strategic points that will delight the attendees and participants.

And now you ask yourself, why Mallorca? There are many islands that are found throughout the Mediterranean with different sizes and characteristics, but none is like Majorca, thanks to the diverse cultures that converged throughout history gave way to the rich Majorcan culture, with its incomparable gastronomy built with the best of the sea and the land, with its own native language (Majorquin) and with all the necessary logistics to make available all means for any type of event.

Whether you are a lover of architecture or natural surroundings, Mallorca is your ideal destination to organize your event and surprise your attendees in an original way, or what do you think about a dinner inside a cave with a private concert? Come, get to know Majorca and find out how Pidelaluna makes your ideal event come true, taking advantage of the resources that this wonderful island has.

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