The role of the five senses in the event design

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When creating a memorable experience for the attendees of an event, it is crucial to engage their five senses. Attendees must connect with the event and feel emerged, and there is no better way that engaging them through the five senses:

-Sight: the use of visual content to stimulate the sense of sight. Social media technologies are now very popular. By creating an engaging path, event designers ensure attendees’ interaction and encourage them to share content of the event on their social media.

By setting up the perfect environment for taking photos and creating a custom hashtag, the attendees will engage with your event and will get the event out there on social media channels in real-time.

-Hearing: it is important to create the perfect mood for the attendees by having the right kind of sounds and music, by understanding very well the target audience of the event the event designer will be able to create the best audio experience they can have.

-Taste: Choosing the right catering is essential when planning an event, attendees are willing to taste what the event has to offer. Take into account the dietary preferences of every attendee and ensure they will be taken care of to show that the event organisers really care.

-Smell: The selection of a fragrance at the event venue is very important, as it will involve the sense of smell of the customers and therefore the association and perception of the brand. Choosing the right smell will depend on the theme, venue and size of attendees.

-Touch: the physical reality of the event. While considering the visual aspects of the decor furniture and other physical objects, it is important to remember that the attendees will interact with these objects somehow. Ensure that the feel is right by selecting the best textures and the right shapes. For instance: provide comfortable furniture for the delegates to network.

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