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Tailor-made incentives

Mallorca Experience was born with the aim of offering high quality tourist products  and showcase every original and interesting angle that the island has to offer all the year round.

How would you like to enjoy the island? Choose your own way and become the author of your special experience!

Looking for inspiration?

A Day at Sea

A day at sea in a luxury motor boat with your partner, family or friends. Aggressive, reliable and comfortable, the boat selected for this experience has a soft and harmonious appearance and a cozy and spacious interior. The hard top can be removed in a second, while you are serving the champagne or preparing your towel for sunbathing.

Ecologic wine tasting

Slow. Breathe slowly, follow the rhythm of the music. Close your eyes. The aroma comes first. Then open them to recognize the nuances of colour, the tear in the glass, the wine’s body. Wait! Prepare your taste buds to distinguish the wood, the pineapple, the apricot, or maybe the pepper flavour.

We offer you a tasting of wines from Mallorca, all of them with an organic soul and Mediterranean personality. Discover their different characteristics with the help of your senses, and the presence of a great sommelier.

Giro in Vespa

Find your way through the roads of Mallorcan countryside, between fields, almond trees and old houses where peasants keep their tools. Check out the map, put a scarf on and follow your desire to improvise. And now, just enjoy la dolce vita aboard a legendary Vespa!

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Explore the islands

The Balearic Islands are a unique location for any business trip. Close one to the other but with a completely different personality, they are the ideal setting for discovering the Mediterranean. Within short flight distance from most European countries and excellent flight connections, the Balearics are the perfect background for corporate meetings, be it an indulgent incentive or a highly specialized congress. They offer state-of-art facilities and breathtaking special venues for any kind of events. Let us show you all this paradise has to offer and guide you along its beauty, nature, and culture. We will ensure unforgettable experiences and creativity-driven events that exceed everyone’s expectations.

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